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  • What is the Craft Beer Passport?
    Our Passport is a pocket-size journal which includes a discount card good for 50% off your first beer at each of 12 local breweries. The Passport also includes tasting tips, an additional 22 Tasting Note pages, and an opportunity to receive exclusive gifts for visiting all participating breweries.
  • Where are the 12 participating breweries located?
    All of the breweries are in Southern California, within a 5 mile radius. Locations include Upland, Ontario, Montclair and Rancho Cucamonga.
  • How do I redeem my 50% discounts?
    Present the Passport with Discount Card when you place your first order at each participating brewery. The beer tender will stamp your card to show it's been redeemed, and give you 50% off your beer - that's 12 beers at half price, pretty sweet!
  • How do I use the Tasting Notes pages?
    The best way to experience craft beer is to start by making note of the appearance, aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. With the tasting tips included in the passport, and the easy-to-follow form for your comments, you'll fine-tune your tasting skills and discover your favorites in no time. Plus you'll have a record of that beer you loved when you want to go back for more!
  • Where can I buy the Craft Beer Passport?
    Order through our online store, or purchase in person at: The Stout House Upland Dreamland Art & Community, Victoria Gardens Rustic & Modern Collective, Downtown Upland The Upland Farmers Market, Downtown Upland
  • If I order online, how is it delivered?
    We ship anywhere via USPS or UPS within 24 hours of receiving an order. For locals, we can arrange for next day pick-up.
  • Does the Passport expire?
    No. Just like a gift card, there is no expiration date, so take your time and enjoy!
  • Seems like a good deal. How much?
    It is! The Craft Beer Passport is $20 and pays for itself after a few visits.
  • How do I earn prizes for drinking craft beer?
    Have your card stamped by all 12 breweries, send us a photo of both sides of the stamped discount card via email, Instagram or Facebook, and receive an exclusive Cucamonga Beer Baron gift (it's pretty cool, you're gonna want it!).
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