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As a homebrewer, I love to explore nearby towns, discover local breweries, and enjoy awesome craft beers. Based in the original community of Cucamonga, I venture out with family and friends to the surrounding areas on a never-ending search for delicious beers, knowledgeable brewers, and kindred spirits.


The number of independent breweries has continued to grow over the years, gaining momentum as craft beer takes on a life of its own.  This is why we designed and created a passport and journal that lets you record your brewery adventures while receiving 50% off of your favorite – or newly discovered - craft beer. Twelve breweries, located in the Inland Empire West, are featured on the Passport Card, stashed in your Passport inside pocket.

We're here to help you explore, discover, and indulge in local craft beers while bringing well-deserved recognition to our local breweries. 

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The Cucamonga Beer Baron

The Cucamonga Beer Baron
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