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We believe craft beer is more than just a drink, its an experience that brings people together. Motivated by our passion for supporting local brewers and the beers they create, we have created a pocket-sized Craft Beer Passport to take you on your own self-guided tour of 12 of the best local microbreweries in the
Greater Cucamonga Valley, California. 

Explore local breweries, discover hidden gems, and indulge in amazing beers while receiving 50% off your first pour at each brewery. Plus earn prizes as you go!

A Half Price Beer at

12 Local Breweries

A self-guided tour plus discount makes your brewery experience more enjoyable, affordable, and rewarding, so it's easy to try new styles and flavors, while expanding your palate. The Passport will lead you to a variety of local breweries and beers, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of each brewery's offerings and brewing style.

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Tasting Notes
Keeping notes on the provided pages of beers you taste is a great way to record and remember the breweries you visit and the beers you tried, which helps you develop your beer tasting skills over time. By documenting your observations and impressions of each beer, you can refer back to them later and compare different beers, track your preferences and dislikes, and identify patterns or trends in your tastes.

Tasting Tips
Beer tasting tips are included in our passport. Tasting involves a careful evaluation of the beer's appearance, aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. In addition to these sensory factors, beer tastings also typically include the measurement of IBU (International Bitterness Units) and ABV (Alcohol by Volume). The beer's style can also provide valuable context for evaluation.

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Win Prizes for Drinking Beer

Earn prizes for drinking beer! Visit all 12 breweries, post a photo of your stamped card on social media, and earn an exclusive beer lover's gift. 

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